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My name is Al-Hafeez, and I am an experienced digital and social media producer. I am currently on the hunt for new projects and opportunities to challenge my knowledge and skills. I enjoy working in teams (a skill from my younger days as a Police Officer), but am also comfortable leading projects and working independently.


With 16 years of being in the media production field, I bring top quality media production content to all my clients. Over the years I’ve learned that every single client is unique, and there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to multimedia content. That’s why, if we work together, I will create a customized content catered to your needs.

JBA Productions
Creative Director
The Daily Creative
Video Producer / Creative Producer

2019 – 2020

2020– Present

Vast Reality
Lead 3D Artist

2016 - 2017

Creative Altitude
Creative Producer / Director

2016 – 2019

Vezari Studios
Creative Director

2010 - 2016

Producer, director, production lead on numerous commercials, live-streaming, web videos commercials and 3D animation. I worked with the client coordinating scripts, schedules and the delivery of commercials and web videos.

As a Creative Director of JBA Productions, I am responsible for conceptualizing and managing the creative output often includes staff supervision and production. My main core responsibility is to produce high-level concepts for video production across all social media platform.

As the founder of Creative Altitude, I aim to provide my clients with the highest quality of multimedia content. Previous projects include structural 3D models, 2D animation, Live-Stream production,
Photography and Start-to-Finish Video Production. My projects are international, working with such companies as The Singapore Government, Dahl and Bayer.

I was a 3D artist in the team. I created characters and environments objects in the game. I also often created quick models and characters for the programming department for testing purposes in Unity, along with final models for the published game. My other tasks included supervising the overall design and feel of the game. Having an animation background was an advantage for me in this role, as I was able to help the game achieve realistic and high quality movement for the characters and actions. My work and models were utilized in the publication of the VR game Heavenly Duels available on Steam.

Started as a hobby, Vezari Studio has amassed over nearly a million views with its first few videos released on YouTube. As a founder and creative director of Vezari Studio, I oversaw the production of the planning and production of a number of short horror films.

“I was really impressed to see how hard-working and reliable person he is and that all the given tasks were executed independently, carefully and with positive attitude. He has shown great leadership skills and managed to create exceptional team spirit. .”

— Nasim Selami

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